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Live stream of Antonio Blazibat vs Raul Catenas | GLORY 82


Live stream of Antonio Blazibat vs Raul Catenas | GLORY 82

 Live stream of Antonio Blazibat vs Raul Catenas | GLORY 82

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 GLORY will be back on Saturday November 19th with GLORY 82: Plazibat vs Catinas which will take place at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn, Germany.

 Watch a live broadcast of Antonio Blazibat's match against Raul Catenas | GLORY 82

 The event will feature eight matches in total, including a championship match that will decide who will be the new 77kg champion and succeed Cedric Dombey who has made his belt vacant since joining MMA.

 The belt will be contested between world No. 2 and No. 3 seed Nabev and Indy Semmeler. Homiesha is injured and unable to fight, respectively.  However, the battle of the stars will be the duel between the two giants, Antonio Blazibat and Raul Catenas, who will fight the scheduled confrontation of 3 rounds.

 Where to fight Antonio Blazibat vs Raul Catenas | GLORY 82

 The Blazibat vs Katinas match takes place at the Maritim Hotel Bonn in Bonn, Germany, on Saturday, November 19.  The fight card features a series of kickboxing matches with the welterweight title in contention for the night.  Many tickets for the event are still available for purchase today.  The date on which the event is broadcast in Australia is Sunday 20 November.

 Channels broadcasting Antonio Blazibat vs Catinas Raul match | GLORY 82

 GLORY 82 will not air on a French channel but you can catch up on the event's main card for $4.99 via PPV.  The preliminary card will be broadcast live and for free starting at 7:00 PM on Youtube.

  •  Videoland - Netherlands;
  • - Germany, Switzerland, Austria;
  •  Viaplay - Poland;
  •  UNnext - Japan;
  •  bTV - Bulgaria;
  •  Pro-TV Romania;
  •  Combat - Brazil;
  •  Fight Network - Canada, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Angola;
  •  Arena Sport - Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia;
  •  Sports Fight - Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela;
  •  Glory Fights - rest of the World.

 The battle pass for the GLORY 82 event

 The main event is a three-round heavyweight bout between top seed Antonio Blazibat and 10th seed Raul Catenas.  The co-main event is a five-round welterweight tournament between World No. 2 Nabeev and No. 3 seed Endy Semeleer.

 Also on the card, Mark Trigsberg takes on fellow senior promotion Joelton Lauterbach at welterweight, Itai Gershon takes on newcomer Jihad Akiba at lightweight, and Jaffer Willnes meets Michal Bloodzewitz at heavyweight.  In addition, No. 2 seed Serkan Ozcaglayan and former title challenger Juri De Sousa competes at middleweight.

 The preliminary card features a pair of featherweight bouts, with Dennis Woosek going up against Mohamed Mesbahi and Ahmed Sheikh Musa taking on Mohamed El Hamouty.  The full fight pass can be found below.


Live stream of Antonio Blazibat vs Raul Catenas | GLORY 82

 Main card (PPV - 8 p.m.):

  •  Antonio Plazibat vs.  Raul Catenas
  •  Nabif World vs.  Endy Semeleer
  •  Joelton Lauterbach vs.  Mark Trigsburg
  •  Itai Gershon vs.  Jihad Akiba
  •  Jaffar Wellness vs.  Michel Bladziewicz
  •  Serkan Ozcaglayan vs.  Jory D'Souza

 Preliminaries (YouTube, 7 pm):

  •  Dennis Wozek vs.  Muhammad Al-Misbahi
  •  Ahmed Sheikh Musa vs.  Mohammed Al-Hamoti

To watch the live broadcast, click on Live Photos

 We will broadcast via the Facebook page, click on the image and follow the page to receive a notification of the live broadcast of the GLORY 82 event