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Live stream of the match between Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets NBA game


Live stream of the match between Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets NBA game

 The Los Angeles Lakers will battle the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Playoff at 01:30 AM BST at the Arena.  The Denver Nuggets entered the game hot, having won their last four games.

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 The Denver Nuggets are one game away from the first trip to the NBA Finals in franchise history.  After dispatching the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, the Nuggets now have a huge 3-0 series lead and a chance Monday to sweep the same team that knocked them out this round three seasons ago.

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 But doing so will not be an easy task.  The Lakers have lost only once on their home ground in the postseason—to the Nuggets in Game 3—and they still have a 105-plus-point margin in their home building.  LeBron James and the Lakers won't go down without a fight.  Here's how you can tune it in as the Nuggets try to send them home for the summer.

 Live stream of the match between Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets NBA game

 The Denver Nuggets are leading 3-0 in their fourth meeting (Tuesday, 01:30 a.m. BST) with the Los Angeles Lakers as they target a spot in the NBA Finals in June.

 The Nuggets have lost to the Lakers at this point three times since 1985, but now they only need one win to book a spot in this year's Championship Series.

 The Lakers, who last won the NBA championship in 2020 at Disney World, are seeking a record-breaking 18th title.

 Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Predictions

 This series pits the strongest offense in the playoffs against the top defense in the postseason.  Scoring 118.7 points per 100 possessions over the first two rounds, the Denver Nuggets will be eager to build on that momentum as they go on to reach the NBA Finals for the first time.

 The Nuggets, who made the most of their home court advantage in games one and two, posted the second-best home record in the NBA during the regular season, but in the Lakers' two visits during the regular season they came home empty-handed.

 A win on the road in Game Three has put them in command of the series, but we expect the Lakers to respond at the Arena tonight.

 The Lakers were 6-0 at home in the 2023 playoffs (an average of 18.3 points with a margin of victory) before that loss in Game 3.  Expect the purple and gold to hit the scoreboard in Game Four.

 Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets schedule

 Game 1: Nuggets 132 Lakers 126

 Game 2: Nuggets 108 Lakers 103

 Game 3: Nuggets 119 Lakers 108

 Game 4: Nuggets @ Lakers, Arena, May 23 (1.30am BST)

 Game 5: Lakers @ Nuggets, Ball Arena, May 25 (1.30am BST)

 Game 6: Nuggets @ Lakers, Arena, May 27 (1.30am BST)

 Game 7: Lakers @ Nuggets, Ball Arena, May 29 (1.30am PT


 Lakers: The Lakers have become almost entirely dependent on four players: James, Anthony Davis, Rui Hachimura, and Austin Reeves.  This group is responsible for just under 82% of all Laker points in this series, and no Laker has contributed reliably on defense except Jared Vanderbilt.  If the Lakers are going to make any kind of meaningful comeback effort, it will start with a couple of players who take the pressure off that core.

 Denver Nuggets: Jamal Murray has averaged 35 points per game in this series, and that raises an interesting question: Can he beat his more famous teammate, Nikola Jokic, for the Western Conference Finals MVP Trophy?  It would be somewhat ironic given Jokic's status as a two-time NBA MVP and Jokic could easily claim the next round MVP Finals trophy in response, but it's nice to see a different Nugget flourish on the bigger stage.

 The Nuggets would eventually win this series.  Teams that go 3-0 have an overall record of 149-0 in the postseason.  But the Lakers won't make it easy for them.  Expect the Lakers to win a hard-fought Game 4 and at least send this series to Denver for another game.  Pick: Lakers -3.5

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