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Live stream of the match between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics match in the NBA

Live stream of the match between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics match in the NBA

Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference is tonight.  The Miami Heat lead the series 3-0 over the Boston Celtics.  Last night in the Western Conference Finals, the Denver Nuggets picked up their fourth consecutive win over the Los Angeles Lakers to end the series as fast as possible.  The Celtics get one last chance to do better than the Lakers tonight.  Unlike the Lakers, the Celtics will have to do this at Miami Stadium.  Will tonight's game be the second blast of the season or the start of a massive comeback?

 Live stream of the match between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics match in the NBA

 Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 4 at 8:30 PM ET tonight, May 23.  It will air on TNT in the US, as will any future games if the Celtics win.  Few of the best live TV services contain TNT, including one that has a free trial.  We've rounded up all of your options below.

 When is the Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics game in the NBA?

 The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat will resume their Eastern Conference Finals series at FTX Arena on Tuesday (1.30am CET Tuesday).

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 And Miami, which overturned a 13-point deficit, would do well to claim a 113-106 victory in Game 1 on Thursday, before rallying 105-111 a few days later.  They went on Monday to emphatically win 128-102, leaving them just one win away from reaching the NBA Finals.

 Who will win the third game in the series?

 Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Predictions

 A very familiar playoff game, Boston and Miami are heading into the Eastern Conference Finals for the third time in four years.

 The Heat trailed by 13 points late in the second quarter of Game 1, but scored 46 points in Game 3 to turn the competition on its head.  Jimmy Butler led the way with 35 points along with seven assists and six blocked shots.

 The eighth seed hit 16 of 31 from beyond the arc as they became only the fifth franchise to win Game One on the road for the third straight series.

 Boston was again hurt by late play problems in Game Two.  They seemed poised to settle the series, but another meltdown saw the 17-time NBA champ lose 111-105 and left them staring at a 2-0 deficit.

 That has since been extended to 3-0 in favor of Miami, leaving them with a mountain to climb in these final games of the series.  Lose on Tuesday, and it's the curtains for Boston - the winner of this Finals match-up, the Denver Nuggets, awaits.

 History is not nice.  Of the 312 times a team has gone 0-2 in a seven-game series in NBA history, a late team has come back to win the series only 27 times (8.7%).  To break this down even further, of those 27 teams to complete comebacks, only five have lost 0-2 while still holding home court advantage in the series.

 In fact, one of these five cases came in the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs, when the Celtics lost their first two games at home against the eighth-ranked Chicago Bulls, who at the time were led by Jimmy Butler.

 Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat schedule in the NBA

 Game 1: Heat 113, Celtics 106

 Game 2: Heat 111, Celtics, 105

 Game 3: Celtics 102 Heat, 128

 Game 4: Celtics @ Heat, Kaseya Center, May 24 (1.30am BST)

 Game 5: Heat @ Celtics, TD The Garden, May 26 (1.30am BST)

 Game Six: Celtics @ Heat, Kaseya Center, May 28 (1.30am BST)

 Game 7: Heat @ Celtics, TD Garden, May 30 (1.30am BST)

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